Christmas Can Be A Dangerous Time Of Year For SEO

The Christmas – New Year period is generally one of good cheer and festivities; it can also be a dangerous time of year when it comes to SEO.

There are several traps to watch out for over this period. The first is the general desire to do nothing. If you have a blog that you have been diligently building, it can be too easy to just ‘take a couple of weeks off’. It may not kill your blog, but it could slow down any momentum you may have developed. There ways around it of course. You can pre-write your posts and release them every two or three days, either manually or automatically through WordPress. That will maintain some of the momentum.

Other dangers include agreeing to links a little too willingly because of your festive mood. You have to remain true to your goals and firm in the quality of the links you allow. If your not in a position to carefully assess each link request then either refuse them all or defer any assessment until the new year.

If you are stuck behind the computer during this period, now is the time to review your own internal linking structure and perhaps tighten up on your keyword selection.

At this time of the year, don’t let the seasons festivities cloud your SEO judgment or activities. You are better off waiting ten days and starting the new year in a positive and, if necessary, aggressive state of mind.

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