If Content Is King, What Should I Write About?

You have a website and you decide to add more content. It may be in the form of a blog or perhaps as additional pages. Your now left with the problem of deciding what to write about.

For commercial sites, the answer is fairly straightforward. Write about what your know best – your business, your products, your stores or your service. The key to success is how you write your content.

Rather than making every page a sales page – make them informative pages. If you are going to write about one of your products, then write about the product – how to use it; how to maintain it; how to assemble; write for the benefit of your customers and your readers. If they are written effectively, they will help to sell the product.

Promote your business and your products by writing material that is of benefit to your readers – that is what makes ‘content king’. Naturally, you can optimize the content with appropriate keywords. If you write about what you know – it will come out with authority.

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