keluaran sgp VIP Club Mega Month


As a site that enjoys rewarding players loyal to their games, keluaran sgp has one of the best VIP programs in the industry. With four monthly VIP statuses and two yearly VIP statuses, it is possible to earn huge rewards simply by playing a game you love.


You must reach the highest VIP statuses in order to receive the best rewards, but this can be difficult to do when you are a low stakes player. For example, you must earn 7,500 VIP Player Points (VPPs) in order to reach PlatinumStar, which is the highest monthly VIP level on PokerStars. If you play 5NL 6-max cash games, you must play over 120k hands in one month to achieve PlatinumStar. This is an impossible amount of volume for most players!


PokerStars decided to give their low stakes players a break and make August their VIP Club Mega Month. For one month only, the VPP requirements for each monthly VIP status have been dropped to a mere 10% of their usual amounts!


This means that in August it will take 750 VPPs instead of the usual 7,500 VPPs to become part of the PlatinumStar club. Now the 5NL 6-max player needs to play only 12k hands to reach the highest VIP status, a number far less daunting than the original 120k.


Similarly, GoldStar requirements have been reduced from 3,000 to 300 VPPs. And it will only take 75 VPPs to become a SilverStar, which is down from the usual 750 VPPs.

Moving up to a higher VIP status puts extra money in your pocket. Higher VIP statuses award more FPPs every time you play real money games, and this means that you will be able to afford even more items in the FPP store. You’ll finally be able to afford that iPod you’ve had your eyes on for months. Or maybe you’d just like some cash? Go ahead and purchase a bonus with those FPPs.


Or perhaps you would like to play in some huge poker tournaments next month? With the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) taking place next month, it’s clear that this promotion’s timing isn’t just a coincidence. But who are we to complain? Go ahead and spend those extra FPPs on some WCOOP tickets and watch your FPPs turn into tournament prizes!


You have plenty of time to decide what to spend your extra FPPs on, but the promotion itself is a limited time offer. So get your butt to the real money tables on PokerStars as soon as possible and start climbing your way to PlatinumStar. And then maybe we’ll see you at the WCOOP tables next month!

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