Link Building Content – Quick And Easy

This post will not solve your content problems in general, it will however provide you with a method to publish one post each week that also helps to develop your internal links.

Have you ever visited sites that produce a lot of content? I know of several sites that publish 5 or 6 (sometimes more) posts – each day. If your a regular visitor is becomes a little difficult remembering what you have read and what is new. The blog owners recognise this so they also publish a daily roundup – really just an outline with links to that days posts. They also publish a weekly best off.

You don’t need to go to those lengths. However, a weekly roundup of your daily content could help to draw new readers to your posts. I know there are times when I see an article which I mean to come back and read later. Of course, I forget and never do return. A weekly summary could act as a reminder and draw me back to the article. So to your readers.

A weekly summary has two benefits. I have already mentioned drawing your readers to other posts from that week. The summary can also help with your internal linking. Every post will have at least one internal keyword rich link.

If you are really smart, you can refer to older posts that relate to that week content while you are at it. I am not a big fan of monthly ‘best of’ type posts, but again they can provide valuable internal links and draw visitors to older content.

Content that helps with link building is easy to produce and provides you with a relatively easy day at the office. Your visitors will thank you and it may just help your search position a little.

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