Link Building – Create It And They Will Come

Perhaps, perhaps not. Just because you create something, no matter how good it is, it doesn’t mean people come to visit. However, create something that people will share and you can often sit back and watch your links skyrocket.

Widgets are a good example. Create a useful widget that people can install on their website. Insert your own promo – for example, created by ### with a link to your pages. Every web page that uses that widget creates a link back to your site.

Themes are another good example. Create a great theme for any of the popular blog packages, again with a link back to your site. Every blogger that uses your theme sends a link back to your site.

In fact, for themes, and for widgets on blogs, every post and every page could be sending links. There are other examples. Badges have been a popular way to link in the past. The badge itself can be either unlinked or link to a worthy cause – however you can still have the created by link below the badge.

If you use your imagination you can come up with hundreds of linkable ideas – all helping with your own link building strategies.

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