Link Building – Top 5 Winter Tactics

It’s the Christmas – New Year period and for most it’s winter. If your looking for a few wintery link building tips then look no further. These you can do sitting in front of the fire with a couple of hot toddies.

  • Article Marketing. Many say it’s dead but there is still plenty of value in writing the ‘right’ articles. You could get away with writing rubbish in the past – now you need well optimized keyword articles that readers will find valuable.
  • Social Media. Another avenue that many will argue against. However, if all you do is build a profile on all the top social networking sites with links back to your target pages, the search engines will still pick up on them and pass some of the ‘link juice’.
  • Squidoo Lens. Squidoo is becoming popular and with a PR of 8 can provide some valuable link juice back to your pages. Treat each Lens page as a page of your own. Optimize it around two or three keywords and link back to your sites most relevant pages. Don’t optimize for the same keywords, you may find your Lens outranks your web page – find closely associated keywords.
  • Create a widget or valuable button. As mentioned in a previous post, widgets, buttons or themes can deliver links if you embed them within. Every time someone adds it to their web page or blog, it becomes another link to your designated page.
  • Visit other sites and leave comments. This is an old tactic but it can still deliver some good results. You wont see a spectacular jump in your rankings, however you can give them a small boost. Make sure you select good quality blogs that use the ‘dofollow’ in the comments (hard to find these days). Add a quality comment and if the post is good quality and may be of interest to others, bookmark in one or more social bookmarking sites. Search engines may re-visit that page and re-index adding your link to the others. Try to pick posts that don’t have a lot of comments already – not that hard this time of year.

These are all basic suggestions that I am sure you have heard hundreds of times, however they are still valid and put together, make for a strong link building campaign. Spend a week or two on those activities and you will find your rankings and traffic slowly starting to rise.

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