Sunday Tournament Report

The last Sunday is always the biggest Sunday of the month for online tournament pros, as extra tournaments get added, and tons of players come out. Yesterday was no different, as not only were the extra tournaments present, but the Sunday Warm-up was special yesterday, with it being a second chance tournament, giving players who busted within the first two hours, the option of rebuying and getting another 10k in chips in the process. As usual, let’s start off the coverage with the Sunday Million.

The Sunday Million once again saw over 8,000 players come out. The final table was devoid of any notables, but it’s tough for a pro, let alone anyone, to make the final table of the biggest online weekly tournament. However, these players fought all day, and in the end, the remaining four players made a deal, which locked up six figures for each of them. Avkid86 locked himself up over 100k with the chop, and another $30k when he beat result hk heads-up.


  1. avkid86: $138,101
  2. strahhh25: $118,193
  3. pokerbrat13: $113,017
  4. Gambooooool: $138,078
  5. tonijeromi: $58,590
  6. dapoopta: $41,850
  7. Jimboski30: $29,295
  8. gio_piso: $19,251
  9. DonC33: $11,718


As I previously mentioned, the Warm-up was a second chance tournament yesterday, giving players who busted in the first 120 minutes a chance to buy in again. There was yet another deal made, between the final three players. ShowM4n won the most money, taking down $120,410 despite finishing second, but richlizard – the eventual winner – took down 1st place and $114,662.


  1. richlizard: $114,662
  2. ShowM4n: $120,410
  3. LION8HART: $78,357
  4. Bumbulbee_G: $56,170
  5. nederen_dk: $44,936
  6. Bozz814: $33,702
  7. LukeLasko: $22,468
  8. hoyd78: $14,042
  9. mnkyman: $9,100


The Sunday Second Chance on Poker Stars saw yet another chop, which was three-handed this time. It also saw yet again, where someone other than first place took home the most money. Junior4718 came away victorious, outlasting his fellow choppers in AlBrvs4Life and MrteddyKGB, en route to taking home $41k.


  1. junior4718: $41,265
  2. AlBrvs4Life: $46,598
  3. MrteddyKGB: $41,206
  4. DenverSports: $22,960
  5. carmenomar: $16,400
  6. toddinhu: $13,120
  7. jvtilt: $9,840
  8. joejackson06: $6,560
  9. paze1: $4,592


11,962 players showed up for the extremely popular Million Dollar Turbo Takedown on Poker Stars. That seems like an insurmountable number, but nine players showed up ready to fight for a $100k first place. Perhaps in a surprise, no chop was made, and riffery was the big winner, outlasting 11,961 other players, and taking down an amazing $100k. Riffery made an excellent return on 5k FPP’s.


  1. riffery: $100,000
  2. nsewell4: $60,000
  3. kipa58: $40,000
  4. papa333: $32,500
  5. jitterbug777: $25,000
  6. Badboy Orrie: $20,000
  7. HipsterDufes: $15,000
  8. gambler2k4: $10,000
  9. roybaauw: $5,500


The $530 250k on Poker Stars held some incredibly sick players at the final table, which should come as no surprise. This tournament is becoming weekly, and at the end of the month will turn into a $1,050. As for yesterday, Stammdogg, Dyzalot, Sno0oWMAN, and TheNew helped to create an incredibly sick final table. However, none of these four accomplished players were able to top Benba, as he took it all down, for $105.6k.


  1. Benba: $105,660
  2. Ozone23: $76,310
  3. Stammdogg: $58,700
  4. Dyzalot: $44,025
  5. MPetes: $30,818
  6. CKOTUHA: $24,948
  7. Avi011: $19,078
  8. SNo0oWMAN: $13,208
  9. TheNew:$ 8,218


The Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed saw a Full Tilt Pro show up, along with eight other players who outlasted a 4k+ field. Unfortunately, Erica Schoenberg was the first player eliminated from the final table, busting out 9th place for $10,873. syzygy-1-1-1-1 proved to be unstoppable, as he ran down the final table, taking down $143,285 in the process.


  1. syzygy-1-1-1-1: $143,285
  2. govshark2: $86,739
  3. Babooyah: $56,798
  4. blizair: $44,627
  5. thekellster89: $33,511
  6. Brundaddy: $24,829
  7. IndianRope: $18,662
  8. Capax Infiniti: $14,605
  9. EricaSchoenberg: $10,873


The Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt saw two tough players make it to the final table, in Hunter “TopTizzlePizzle” Frey, and Ben “bmf823” Fineman. Ben had a nice run, but ultimately fell short in 5th, for $21.5k. However, the player of the day was Hunter, as he made the last knockout, as he shipped the Brawl for $75k.


  1. TopTizzlePizzle: $75,066
  2. the_corpofag: $49,558
  3. johnDF: $36,804
  4. DuquesneDropOut: $28,788
  5. bmf823: $21,500
  6. rms smr: $14,940
  7. goldenbollox: $9,110
  8. Lopov: $6,195
  9. prebzman: $4,373


The Sunday Mulligan was yet another Full Tilt final table that featured top flight talented. CrazyMarco, Intervention, and Aaron_Hacker highlighted the last big Full Tilt final table of the day. CrazyMarco and Intervention each put up great performances, finishing in 5th and 3rd respectively. Aaron beat out his fellow pros, and took away $53.5k for it.


  1. Aaron_Hacker: $53,505
  2. 3_9_offsuit: $33,887
  3. Intervention: $25,088
  4. JOSEYY: $19,619
  5. CrazyMarco: $14,863
  6. Swimmer808: $10,701
  7. mordi20: $7,134
  8. nononoko: $5,351
  9. broomcrnsuncle: $3,805


As usual, we’re going to round out the FTR coverage of the Sunday Majors with the Bodog 100k Guaranteed. 720 players came out this week, creating an overlay of $27.3k. Skeptix beat out the other 719 players, and won it outright for $23.6k.


  1. skeptix: $23,600
  2. fitzfitz: $13,600
  3. theman94: $9,100
  4. No Mans Land: $7,000
  5. swimjack: $5,700
  6. farmslicer7: $4,500
  7. wybm: $3,300
  8. Rataveli: $2,200
  9. TheHesse: $1,300


Be sure to check back next week for more of FTR’s coverage of Sunday Majors!




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