UK Social Media Hits 10%

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Where were you in the week leading up to Christmas? On line I mean! It appears that over 10% of all UK traffic were visiting social media sites. Christmas day saw Facebook traffic account for almost 5% of all traffic, the number two most visited site in the UK.

Number one – Google Search of course accounting for over 8% of all traffic. At number three, for the first time, was YouTube knocking Windows Live Mail back to number four.

Is this a trend to look forward to in 2009? Perhaps. I think it is a more of a trend to prepare for during festive seasons such as Christmas, Easter and the various Mother’s and Father’s days around the world.

There is little doubt that social media is growing. Facebook and MySpace continue to add new profiles every day. Add to this the expansion of services, particularly those away from the site itself, such as mobile connectivity and the attraction will become stronger.

Peer pressure will be the next push into membership. I already get asked where I can be found on Facebook or LinkedIn. It will become a case of joining to be ‘in’ or being excluded. It’s a little like the cell phone. Notice how people ask for your cell number now, not your landline number?

For business large and small, having an online presence may well mean having to include social media, at least the ones most used by those involved in your niche. Networking with customers and colleagues has become much easier, and it is often not as time consuming as most people imagine.

Whether you like it not, social media is here to stay. The question is, can you use to your advantage? Social marketing will go to a new level in 2009. Make use of it because you can be sure your competitors will be.

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